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Single Phase AC Voltage Controller Using Thyristor with Microcontroller

        AC power control with thyristor using pic microcontroller project is plan to control AC power passes over load. This project is plan using microcontroller and zero level crossing noticing circuit. Phase control method is utilized for AC power with thyristor. Thyristor is utilized as a switch to control passes the power. Microcontroller is worm to spot zero crossing and cause pulse signals at a particular angle for thyristor.
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With the support of this microcontroller we are going to build a circuit. But we have to choose the devices from proteus libraries. 


AC Variable:

        The AC power passes to load can be managed by controlling root mean square value of voltage materialize over load. This technique is also called AC voltage controller. In AC controller, root mean square value of voltage emerge over load is controlled by varied the firing angle. Two types of AC voltage are utilized for AC power control with thyristor.

Pulse caper modulation control is attached with ac power supply for cycles and then provide is turned off for cycles. AC power provides by controlling firing angle.

Phase angle control loads are contributed over AC provide for particular portion of positive and negative cycle.

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Main Components


Half bridge:

        Half bridge converter is a DC-to-DC converter. Half Bridge converter is an isolated forward topology for high power range. Half bridge driver utilize as high side FET require to afloat. Voltage stress at FEDs is input voltage. It has high efficiency. Output filter sees twice the switching frequency.



AC Voltage Measurement using Microcontroller with Proteus Simulation




        It is based on the phenomena of blocking light rather than emitting light. It require backlight it’s can’t emit own light. Two glass plate each containing a light polarizes at right angle to each other plate. Rows of horizontal see through conductor and columns of vertical conductors set in the middle of glass plates. The light is then thrown back to the watcher. These compounds have a crystalline arrangement of molecule yet they flow like a liquid.




               Microcontroller consists of 8 bits bus. It has the ability to write, read, and process up to 8-bits it is known as microcontroller. 8051 consists of 16 bit address bus. It’s having 64Kb of RAM and ROM. On chip RAM possess 128 of data memory. On chip ROM comprise of 4kilobites of memory which is utilized for program memory. On chip ROM stock a program memory on the other hand on chip RAM stock data memory. It has 8 bit for bi-direction i/o ports. 8051s having UART (Universal a synchronous receiver transmitter). It’s a serial port. 8051 microcontroller embody of to 16 bits timers and two levels cut in preference. 




        Button is an electrical component which has the ability to make and break the electric circuit automatically and manually. Switch is mainly works with open and closed loop. When the switch is open the two terminals of switch are connected and current flows between them. When switch closed the terminals are not connected so current does not flow.




               Resistors are works in huge amount assemble in electronic equipment. Actually the resistor is likely the most usual type of electronic component works in both electrical and electronic circuits.



Download Proteus Library

single phase ac voltage controller using thyristor with microcontroller


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